Why Work with a Personal Trainer?

While we may have a strong desire to improve our physical fitness, we all succumb to the big L from time to time – laziness. It’s true, we’ve all done it at some point whether we’re just starting out with a training program or even if we’ve been at the fitness game for a while. But it’s when we feel most lethargic that we have to push our hardest, and that’s where a personal trainer comes in to help.

There are a number of reasons why working with a personal trainer can improve your fitness level and enhance your workouts. Some people are looking for that extra “push” to get off their feet and get to sweating while others are searching for someone to help them keep track of their workouts or push them past their comfort zone. Whatever your fitness journey may be, personal training can help you get to the next level.

When you work with me, I can guarantee you that you’ll never have a dull day. As a fitness competitor myself, I know exactly what it feels like to get stuck in a rut sometimes and feel as though you can’t improve your skills. Trust me, it’s not easy to commit to a lifetime of exercise and healthy nutrition. But with me by your side, we can conquer your obstacles together and get you fit.

So why hire a personal trainer? Here are a few reasons to consider:

1)    You Are Not Seeing Any Results

This happens a lot. At some point, we all reach a plateau in our fitness levels that can be tough to break. We may become fixated on a certain “routine” and can stop seeing results for weeks on-end. A personal trainer can assess your fitness goals and evaluate your workouts to determine your core strengths and weaknesses and provide you with an individualized plan for achieving optimal results. Whether the goal is physical fitness or nutrition, a trainer will supervise your sessions and help you stay motivated, alert and accountable for your workouts.

2)    You Don’t Know What to Do

Tons of people want to lose weight, gain muscle or improve their overall endurance, but they just don’t know where to start. We tend to copy a lot of exercises from infomercials or TV workouts but then get angry when they aren’t working for us. The reason? Each body is as individual as the person themselves, which is why personal training can make a huge difference. Personal training is exactly what it sounds like – personal.  Trainers cater to your needs and teach you how to address your personal fitness goals, helping you understand which exercises produce which types of results and provide you with a schedule of activities that will maximize your time and your results.

3)    You Are Bored and Want a Challenge

One of the biggest reasons people seek personal trainers is because they are bored with their workouts and want a challenge. Not everyone has a “buddy” to workout with who will push them beyond their comfort zone, which is why having a trainer is ideal. A personal trainer can give you a new perspective on your workouts and challenge you both physically and mentally with activities you may have never even considered before.

4)    You Don’t Have Time for the Gym

These days, who really has time to wait in line for a machine or free weights at the gym? Between the traffic, waiting and crowds – which can get pretty large – gym workouts can be more of a nuisance than a benefit. The beauty of personal training is that you call the shots. You can work out from the comfort of your own home, at a park or pretty much anywhere you can imagine and at YOUR CONVENIENCE. You’ll save time and the headache of fighting over the elliptical or dumbbells AND you’ll have the added bonus of having a workout plan specifically tailored to your needs.

5)    You Have an Injury or Illness

Injuries and illnesses can cut time from our workouts, but that doesn’t mean they have to cut the workouts out completely. Anyone who has suffered an injury or who is struggling with an illness such as heart disease or arthritis can get hurt trying workouts on their own. Having a personal trainer can eliminate this worry. A trainer can help you choose a workout plan that caters to your needs and which will help you avoid any further injury or illness.

  • TIP – It’s also a great idea to work with a personal trainer if you are pregnant. Whether you have already been training or are looking for a good workout to stay fit during pregnancy, a personal trainer can not only give you advice on which exercises to do, but will monitor you during workouts to avoid injury and will even help you figure out a healthy nutrition plan.

There are tons of other reasons why having a personal trainer will improve your overall fitness level and workout experienced, but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. Schedule a consultation with me to talk about your fitness goals and see how personal training can help you achieve optimal results.