Kettle Bell Training


Fort Lauderdale Kettlebell Training

Ever watch an old movie where they tossed around a “medicine ball” at the gym? The kettlebell is the newest version of the medicine ball. Although it may look somewhat archaic, trainers throughout history have understood one simple theory: the way to build muscle is through using opposing force in any muscle movement. Kettlebell training is an excellent way to build muscle, and it is also the perfect way to enhance your core muscle groups and activate those muscles that are harder to target.


What is kettlebell training?

A kettlebell is a weight that is shaped like a ball and has a handle on it. It is not a new tool in the fitness world, but its design has been updated over the years. The benefit to training with a kettlebell is that it has a handle that is easy to grip, which makes it much easier to use in various positions and for different exercises.


Why it can enhance your training

The key to any training regimen is to mix things up and to keep the muscles constantly guessing. That is why kettlebell training is ideal: you can use it in many different ways to challenge every muscle in your body. If you haven’t used one, then it is a great way to get all your muscles engaged and actively working while mixing up your standard routine to add a little strength.

It can be easy to get bored with the same old exercise routine. Kettlebell training is not only a great way to get a jumpstart on your muscle growth, but also to let you have some fun. Let one of our Fort Lauderdale personal trainers show you all the things that you can do with a kettlebell to kick your workout up a notch. Check us out today to see what other improvements we can make to your workout routine.